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Debate: Preston/Anderson vs. Ice/Hitchcock 2nd Coming of Christ In 2003 Christ Covenant Church held a Prophecy Conference in St. Petesburg, Florida. In this debate Thomas Ice & Mark Hitchcock are in the affirmative that the 2nd Coming of Christ is a future event while Don K. Preston and John Anderson are in the negative arguing that the 2nd Coming of Christ was in 70 A.D.  
The Second Coming Series: by Dr. Kelly N. Birks Oct 16, 2013 - Mar 26, 2014 21 YouTube Messages
The Feasts of the Lord by David B. Curtis 1. Passover 2. Unleavened Bread 3. Firstfruits 4. Pentecost 5. Trumpets 6. Atonement 7. Tabernacles All Fulfilled in Christ 1st edition - 2003 2nd edition - 2013
Don K. Preston “Why I Believe Jesus Returned in 70 A.D.” by Don K. Preston Part 1 - 48:35 Part 2 - 55:36 Part 3 - 29:36 Part 4 - 48:39
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Theme Verse: Matt. 5:14 & Eph. 2:7

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